The coronavirus is a devastating crisis that has altered every aspect of our daily lives. We have seen how our healthcare infrastructure was incapable of handling such large demand. But another crisis is being mostly ignored by those in power. Climate experts still predict that we only have 10 years left to change our global emissions before we reach a point of no return.

If the past two months have made anything clear, it’s that how we respond to a crisis can mean life or death for countless people across the globe.

As our nation recovers from this public health disaster, we need bold solutions that not only address problems the coronavirus has exposed in the healthcare system, but allows us to retool our economy and rebuild our government with justice and equality at the forefront.

A Green New Deal would not only help stabilize the climate — it would provide much-needed jobs, guaranteed housing to all, and ensure we have the infrastructure in place to appropriately respond to future pandemics. We can restart the economy AND address the greatest threat our species and the entire ecosystem face.

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