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People first, not corporations.

For too long, working people have been put second to the priorities of corporations.

Our representatives should answer to the people, not their corporate donors.

I‘m determined to bring a perspective of fairness, inclusion, justice, peace, and democracy into Congress.

No corporate PAC money.

Our campaign is 100% powered by people. We don’t accept any money from corporate PACs or special interests. Politicians should work for the people they represent, not the private interests that bankroll their campaigns.

Be a part of our movement.

Contribution checks can be mailed to: Eva Putzova for Congress, PO Box 677, Flagstaff, AZ 86002

What we can accomplish together:

Medicare For all

Health care is a right, not a privilege. I support universal, affordable, quality healthcare.


In consultation with Indigenous leaders, I will fight for adequate federal support the tribes need to provide a decent life for all their members and true sovereignty.


I oppose all undeclared, illegal wars of choice and will work hard to ensure that Congress asserts its constitutional oversight responsibility over the executive branch on matters of war and peace.


People have the right to control their own bodies free of government interference.


Along with other newly elected members of Congress, I support a "Green New Deal" that would set an ambitious but necessary goal to help stabilize the climate and therefore our global society.


The costs of higher education should not become a burden to young people that they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

We will win because of you.

Check all options you’re interested in and we’ll provide details for each once we know you’re in.

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