The Issues

Eva fights for policies that put people first.

Medicare For all

Health care is a right, not a privilege. I support universal, affordable, quality healthcare for all Americans. A Medicare-For-All-type single payer plan would improve health, save lives, and cost less.


Indigenous People face more social, economic, and political barriers to a decent life than any other group of people in our society. In close consultation with Indigenous leaders, I will fight for greater federal support for the resources the tribes need to provide a decent life for all their members. I will also use my voice in congress to address issues facing Indigenous people such as homelessness, police violence, domestic abuse, and societal racism. While the past injustices are inexcusable and cannot be undone, we can decide right here and right now to apologize to the Indigenous People for the governmentally endorsed and perpetuated cultural genocide and commit to stop these policies from causing more harm.


The costs of higher education should not become a burden to young people that they carry with them for the rest of their lives. All of us reap the benefits of an educated population so all of us should support those who seek to obtain college degrees. Tuition-free higher education is not only possible, it is necessary if we want to unleash the creative potential of our youth.​


Over the last 30 years, wages have remained flat for most workers while corporate profits have soared. One reason for stagnant wages is the loss of workers’ bargaining power as labor unions have been decimated by corporate attacks. The other reason is the low federal minimum wage. I will support legislation to allow workers to more easily unionize and to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.


Love is love is love is love. People who identify as LGBTQ+ need strong protections against discrimination in housing, employment, healthcare, education and other social policies. We need to expand resources for LGBTQ+ youth to be treated as equal in every sense, are protected against bullying, and can thrive in their schools.


There is no longer any question that the climate is rapidly changing due to the burning of fossil fuels and concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Extreme weather events are now the norm and will increase in intensity. We need to transition as quickly as possible to renewable energy production and use. Along with other newly elected members of congress I support a "Green New Deal" that would set an ambitious but necessary goal to help stabilize the climate and therefore our global society.


Everyone should have the right to control their own bodies free of government interference. All reproductive health services should be free of charge and available to everyone. The decision on whether to terminate a pregnancy belongs to the individual and no one else.

Immigration Overhaul

People fleeing violence, poverty, and marginalization should be offered refuge and shelter here first while their final immigration status is processed in an orderly manner. Rather than breaking up families and putting children in cages we should help them reside in safe communities where they can work, go to school, and live freely while awaiting the disposition of their case. I oppose the demonization of immigrants and support a path to citizenship for DACA recipients and the millions of immigrants who have been contributing members of our society and from whose labor we have greatly benefitted.​


The invasions and continuing American military occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries in the greater Middle East has been a human, economic, and environmental disaster for people here and abroad. Millions of lives have been lost or ruined and trillions of dollars have been wasted that could have been spent on healthcare, education, and a "Green New Deal" here at home. I oppose all undeclared, illegal wars of choice and will work hard to ensure that congress asserts its constitutional oversight responsibility over the executive branch on matters of war and peace.

We will win because of you.

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